Wednesday, December 22, 2010

They have arrived

Wednesday December 15th at 12:00pm in the afternoon Madison Elizabeth made her big debut into the world. She weighted 4lbs. 4oz and was 16 and 3/4 inches long. And one minute later followed her little sister Madelynne Mae weighing in at 3lbs. 6oz and was 16 inches long. True to their form in my belly Madison was spunky crying making it known she was not happy and Madelynne laid on the table wide eyed and just took in the world around her. The littles were taken into the NICU after we got to take a quick peak at them. They had to go on Cpap but within a few days they were both taken off and breaking in regular air on their own. Aunt Brandi and Daddy got to be in the room while the c-section took place. It took about 45 minutes all together. Davis was in the waiting room and everyone else waited patiently for the news.
We were beyond surprised that we had two little girls because mommy thought for sure she saw boy parts in a sonogram. Mommy is still in shock that I gave birth to two beautiful little girls.
Mimi flew in to help take care of everyone on Friday and Papa Wayne and Momma Stacy got here on Sunday to help out as well. But Aunt Kathy, Uncle Cooper,  Greg and Alicia were the ones that got us through the entire month of mommy being on bedrest at the hospital. The saying it takes a village has never been more true in my whole life. Daddy and I could not have managed life without any of them these last few weeks.
While on bedrest mommy made a new friend. Her name is Jill and she was one of our many nurses that took such good care of us in the antepartum part of our stay. I am excited because her husband and daddy seem to have lots in common aka their love for trucks.
Your brother has been one of the best troopers during this time of craziness. He has been shuffled from one house to another so that daddy could come up and help take care of me. He is so excited to help take care of you. The saddest thing for mommy is that he hasn't been able to hold you or see you. He has only experienced you through the window of the NICU but seriously it made his day. There is so much more to say about each of you but for today we will leave it at this we love you and my heart is so full right now. We love you littles and are so glad you are ok.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Baby Thoughts

Growing up I don't remember dreaming about a lot of things that maybe other girls did. I never really thought about what my future husband would be like or dreamed of a fairytale wedding. I was never big into make-up, clothes, or decorating things. I guess you could say I was just all around a tom boy. But the one thing I do remember dreaming about and alot was having children. I remember watching the Baby Story on TLC every single day. I remember the first baby sitting job I ever had. I remember I couldn't wait until my baby cousins came to town so I could help take "care" of them or when my mom's best friend had a baby. I loved changing diapers and picking out clothes for them and getting them dressed. In high school amongst hanging out with my friends I always had many families I baby sat for. Now those kids are graduating high school soon, driving cars and going to prom. It blows my mind. In my world I always assumed if and when I got married I would have a house full of kids. I would watch the Baby Story and cry because I could not wait to be a mommy.  I couldn't wait to be pregnant and see my belly grow and feel a baby kick. I have spent years looking at all the baby equipment that has come out over the years. My job pretty much since I graduated high school has been taking care of children in some way shape or form. I started collecting baby clothes and cribs way before we had children just assuming that because I wanted them they would come.
Cliff and I decided shortly after we moved to Buffalo to start trying to have a baby. Wow that seems like a life time ago. I look back over our journey of trying to have kids and what a journey it has been. Zacky blessed our lives beyond anything we could ever have hoped for. Then 4 years later here I sit in a hospital bed waiting as patiently as possible for our babies to be born. It blows my mind.
Many years ago I gave up the dream I had as a little girl to have my own babies. I knew that God wanted us to adopt and so we did but I also knew that with all our infertility issues that us getting pregnant was probably out of the question. I sat on a boat in the middle of the Bahamas on a missions trip with an amazing group of teenagers and decided that God had to be in control of us having children or it could very possibly ruin me. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life miserable at other people's baby showers or crying every time I got my period or loosing it when a friend told me she was pregnant. I knew and trusted that God had a plan for us. We never dreamed we would have the money to do infertility treatment and I never thought it was for me. But then when my dad passed away we decided that it would be a great way to honor him. And if dad could pick anything in the world for us to do with the money we got it would be to put it towards growing our family. So we did and WOW here we are having twins. Yes even at 32 weeks and 5 days I am still in awe of this almost every minute of the day. How did we get so lucky with Zack and now our littles. I just don't know. God is so good. We are so blessed.
As I sit here tonight in my little hospital room thinking of what sex they are and making sure I really like the names we have picked out so far I am sad that my dad is not here with us. I know that my daddy is in Heaven tonight waiting just as patiently as we are to see their little faces. I miss him a lot tonight and just want to be able to tell him thank you. Because of a really shitty situation it has allowed my biggest childhood dream to become a reality. I miss you dad every day and love you beyond measure. Thank you for our littles!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We keep moving forward

We keep moving forward with the move. Time is going quickly which I appreciate beyond belief. There for awhile I felt like we weren't getting much done and that we were spinning our wheels but now with only two days till we leave for Colorado I feel like we are making huge progress. We have a few more hurdles to jump through one of the biggest being that we have four vehicles and a trailer to move and only two of us to do such a thing. We thought we would be able to sell the truck and my Rover but no such luck. So we have to decide to let them go for a much cheaper price then we think they are worth and cut our loses or park them in the neighbors yard and have Cliff come back for them later. Ugggg I am just about at my limit for decision making. So please continue to pray for us. I am so beyond excited to be with our families. I am taking all this in stride because I know that what awaits us will be totally worth today's stress.

Zack continues to have a wacky schedule. He is still waking up super early and unfortunately because we are packing and trying to get things going he is playing a lot of Wii. It will be packed up soon though and we will have a whole week that we can just focus on him and play with him. Lot's of swimming and bowling is in his future. Can't wait.

Did I mention that I think these children are getting very close to my ribs. I am finding at night that it is harder and harder to get comfortable. If I lay on one side they roll and put pressure on that side then when I roll the same thing happens. They are so very active. I really didn't expect it so early. I thought I would feel flutters for a lot longer but they are in full swing of moving and flipping. It's fun to feel. 

Saturday, September 18, 2010

21 weeks these babies are everywhere but so are our lives.......

As of yesterday I am 21 weeks. Half way to my due date. Eeeek. I can not wait to meet these children. Moving continues to move forward with many bumps in our road. First of all Zack has been completely off. He had four days of the runs followed by throwing up. Then he fell and busted his face on the hardwood floor. Then he he ran head on into a poll at the park and promptly threw up twice. Then he has gotten up at 4am everyday for a week. Then last night Cliff took him to the park and then to the store and he ate an entire pack of oreo's the snack pack kind and threw up. Ugggggg that's not to mention that the trailer got stolen with our quads and dirt bike on it. Thankfully Cliff found the trailer parked down the street and only the dirt bike was gone. Cliff also broke the huge mirror that hangs across our bathroom sink, isn't that like 7 years bad luck or something. I don't know I am just thinking either it is a sign from God that we shouldn't be moving to Texas or Satan sucks and is trying to deter us. I am going with Satan is a jerk and we are trying to stay positive and get stuff taken care of here so we can move somewhat peacefully.

Some good things that have happened is that we had a garage sale and sold a lot of crap and made enough money to get Zacky a new bed and mattress. My mom and memo bought us two cribs and two changing tables. What a freaking blessing that was and is. Thanks I love you both a ton. Our babies are doing great too. We had a sonogram Tuesday and the Dr said quote that I have the best twin pregnancy a person can have. My cervix looks nice and long Texas size is what he said and the babies are in full motion anytime I stop moving. It is one of the most bizarre weird experiences my body has felt. I literally spend the entire afternoon yesterday watching my belly move. At our sono Baby A was sucking it's middle fingers and I showed Zack the picture and told him this baby is sucking it's fingers like you do and he said yea I taught that baby how to do that then he laughed it was so cute.

Ok I must sign off for now we are up and running today.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Almost 20 weeks almost packed almost ready to move

We are trucking along here trying to get life ready for our move. We packed one of our two pod's and will be working on the other one in about a week and half. First we need to have a garage sale and get rid of some stuff. All in all it is going well. This morning we are resting our bodies and will get moving after lunch. We both are on the computer trying to figure out insurance for a pre-existing condition that we call pregnancy. Not so fun. We were hoping to stay on with who we have now and just pay extra money but they won't let us. GRRRRRRR............

Speaking of my pre-existing condition I am almost five months. Can you believe it. We are well on our way and half way through if I make it to 40 weeks. It's crazy. We are feeling them move every night just about and they are kicking or poking or what ever as I type it is crazy. It is more defined everyday. Cliff and Zack have both been able to feel them sooooo fun. At first it was a little annoying because I couldn't tell if my stomach was just growling or if it was movement.

My mom and my grandma each ordered us a crib this past week. What a huge blessing that is and burden off my shoulders. I can't wait to see them. I also have spent the last couple days going thru the tons of bins I have of baby clothes trying to sort thru them and get all the same sizes together. I figure between me and my sister in law who is due three days before me that one out of three of these babies will be a boy so I am taking the new born stuff with me. I am so excited our kids will be so close in age. It will be a lot of fun. Wish us luck. LOL

Please pray for us as this move is very exciting but also stressful. I have not lived in someone else's home since I went to college and I am a little nervous. But it's Coop and Kat how stressful can it really be we love and so excited to be close. My sister is also a hop skip and a jump away as well as other family and close friends.

Zack seems to be having a little anxiety about all the change and unfortunately with him he doesn't understand appropriate ways to express himself. Instead of just talking about it he would rather throw fits, growl at us and argue about EVERYTHING. He also has a weird little thing he does when his nerves are shot and that is he has diarrhea which came in the driveway at school this AM. Poor little dude. Pray for him as he will be out of his element and the way I see it is once we move his life will never be the same. He will be living in someone else's house, sleeping in a bed not his own, playing with toys that aren't his and then he will be having twins enter his life. Pray pray pray for him and patience for us. 

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Can't keep waiting for pictures

So I am realizing life is flying by at lighting pace and I can hardlykeep up. I keep waiting to blog till I can upload pictures to go along with each story and the reality is that is not going to happen. I don't have time to figure out pictures then take the time to sit and up load but the story must continue.

Here goes Cliff lost his job about a week ago they pretty much laid everyone off not just him. Thank you sucky econmy in Vegas. I am pregnant with twins insurance runs out the first of October. YIKES. We have made the excutive decision to move to Ft. Worth before Cliff finds a job. Number one our bills are our bill rather we are here or there minus utilities. Number two we know Cliff can not get a job here there is no new construction any where in this town. Number three we want out of Vegas for a lot of reasons. So why not just go and trust that God will provide a job. Well that is our theory and we are going with it.

The plan is as follows: we are getting out house together, floors are being put in, landscaping finished, windows and doors replaced. Side note we woke up this morning to a broken window so weird a perfect circle through the window weird. We have started packing we need to have a garage sale, we need to say good bye to our lovely friends here in the Valley, entertain for one more week while family is here then hit the road. Its ALOT to say the least.

We are well on our way, We have rented out our house which is really fabulous and it seems the family is really nice at least thats what it seem through appearance. Just a couple in their 40's no kids at home and no pets yay.

So for now this is where we are. I will not have pictures for a while but I do plan on someday backing this story up and telling about our summer but for now the show must go on. Let the packing and moving begin.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

More babies

Check out that tongue.

A perfect hand by Baby B getting prepared for lots of high fives.

Baby B has more pictures because he or she was a lot easier to see then it's poor squished sibling

Baby B 12 weeks 4 days He is sticking out his tongue. Almost all this babies pictures he is sticking it out.

Baby B 12 weeks 4 days hand is under his or her chin

Baby A and B Baby A is clearly getting squished the Dr said that Baby B has the up stairs apartment with a lot more room.

Baby A 12 weeks 4 days

Sonograms in order from littlest to biggest...........

Baby B 10 weeks

Baby A 10 weeks

Both Babies at 10 weeks

Baby A 8 weeks 5 days

Baby B 8 weeks and 5 days

Baby A at 8 weeks and 5 days

So Far Behind

Ok I am so far behind that I am totally overwhelmed with catching this crazy blog up. Part of me just wants to delete it and start over but then I see our wonderful printed copy of Faith that holds the pieces together and then I come back to my senses. We have been a fairly busy family. Well ok not that busy but we have a ton of pictures to add on here. So I have decided that I will just continue with the pictures of all my sonograms up to date that way you can see how big they are getting. Then I will talk about our trip to Disney, Zacks birthday and our travels to see my family. Oh and the boys also went to Denver so those are a must as well. It will take me days. But I will get this done.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My funny funny boy

Last night I wanted us to eat dinner quickly and head over to the pool for a dip. Unfortunately right before we ate I started feeling crappy so while the boys and Bob ate I laid down on the bed for a quick rest. Zack comes in to tell me he is done. I said ok your suit is in ur bathroom put it on so you will be ready for the pool. So he runs to the kitchen and this is what I hear him say. Mommy can't go to the pool because her babies in her belly are sick. She is going to stay home and take care of them. He comes back in the room almost dressed and I said, Why did you tell daddy and Bob I am not going to the pool. He said you didn't your dinner and your babies won't like the pool they are too little so you have to stay home. I said well I want to see you swim he just looks at me and says sorry and scurries away. Oh man he is a riot. We told him that is why I didn't got to Denver because the babies were too little fly. Now he is turning that on me.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

We are having a baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh wait no we aren't having "A" baby we are having two babies. YIPPEE! I can't hardly believe it and I find myself looking at these pictures over and over just to make sure I am not crazy. We are due on January 28, 2011. Please pray for us as we are still early in this need to make it through the first trimester. Both babies had great heart beats. Baby A's was 135 and Baby B's was 122. Baby B's sac was pretty small so I was advised to drink lots and lots of water and to take it easy which is what I am doing. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! Zack thinks it is a brother and a sister but we will have to wait till the day of delivery because we aren't finding out.

Preschool Graduation

In late May Zacky's school had a little graduation for all the kiddos going off to kindergarten. And man was it adorable. As you can see from Zacks mouth he screamed every word to every song and then they put on a little play and Zack was one of the only ones that didn't need to be prompted to say his words. Oh the child is edible.

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We love Mrs. Ines. She was very patient with my wishy washiness of whether or not I wanted Zack to be a graduate or not. I wasn't sure if he was going to start kindergarten or not so on the day before the party I asked if he could go ahead and be part of it. So she got his stuff together so he could be part of it. Love her. He was so proud. We love you booboo.



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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Swimming season has been sketchy thus far in Vegas. With the wind and the chilliness we haven't been able to go that much. But we took advantage about a week ago.


He is diving for rocks and lovin life
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I love this face more then words can ever express




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More pics from the excavation



Trees are gone yippee now room for storing our trailer that the quads go on and room for a bigger trampoline and hopefully a small above ground pool someday.

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A friend of ours told us about a store called the Restore. It is a place that raises money for Habitat for Humanity. People donate cabinets or left over supplies from building projects. We headed over one Saturday and found these great tiles that we couldn't pass up. They are super high end out door tiles that we are going to use on a front porch. So cool.



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The pond is finished and we totally enjoy it everyday. We have plans to put in several plants and a few decorative rocks to keep the dirt to a minimum. It is beautiful and now three gold fish and a koi are the happy occupants of this place.

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